2020 / Print

Missing & Murdered Infographic


Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls

Project Overview:

This infographic highlights the key issues that are happening to Indigenous women who go missing and are murdered in Canada.

Target Audience:

Those who would like to be educated on the topic.


Adobe Illustrator & Adobe Photoshop




August 13, 2020

Design type and colour choices
Design Breakdown

There's very little infographics pertaining to Indigenous women and what is happening in the community, so I wanted to provide as much as possible. MMIWG is a movement to raise awareness about the epidemic of native women going missing or being killed. The red hand symbolizes the voices of these women being silenced.

​The colours I picked were red, white, beige and black were used because it is a mix of neutrals and red is an important colour for the cause.

​The typography choices are Abolition and OpenSans. Abolition is a very strong and heavy typeface. It was used to catch the viewer's eyes since it "screams" at the viewer. OpenSans was used because it's readable and pairs well with Abolition. I wanted a serious and bold tone when it came to the typeface to bring those emotions when reading this infographic.


The challenge I had was finding all the information. I was able to sift through everything and pick statistics and facts that stood out to me and that I felt not a lot of people know of.

final thoughts:

In honour of Brayden Roy Pheasant III. I’m forever grateful that we had a deep and long conversation about these issues. I hope this project can inform others the way he did for me.