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I am working as a multidisciplinary designer, and marketing coordinator for the past 3 years. My responsibilities range from improving
e-commerce experience, redesigning and creating brands, creating marketing campaigns, web design, photography and so much more. As a lifelong learner, I'm constantly expanding and growing in both my professional and personal life.

Outside the world of design, I love working on my physical and mental health, bringing my fiancé ideas to life in our house and experimenting with different recipes. As for social issues, I'm passionate about providing food for those in need, animal and child welfare.

I am forever grateful for the life I've achieved so far. I can't wait to see where life will take me in the next few years. I intend to keep trying my best and appreciate every moment I'm given.

If you feel that we would click and would love to work with me, please reach out using my contact page!

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