2021 / Print

WWF Infographic


World Wide Fund (this is a fictional project)

Project Overview:

This project is to showcase skills in organizing and displaying the various amounts of text/information in a visually appealing manner.

Target Audience:

Those interested in learning the effects of global warming in the aquatic ecosystem.


Adobe Illustrator & Adobe Photoshop




March 12, 2021

Colour and typeface choices
Design Breakdown

I think infographics are very important for people in this generation. The reason is people have a small attention span, and it's only getting smaller. To display a variety of information while maintaining the user's attention makes it a difficult task. Colours, type, and design layout are a huge factor to cover both retaining information and keeping attention.

​The colours chosen was to represent water/ocean. I wanted to have a range of similar colours so not only the infographic but the illustrations stay cohesive throughout.

​The typography choices should give the feeling of professionalism, elegance and modernism. I wanted to make the infographic professional but modern at the same time. The combination of Didot and Futura brings an appealing contrast.


The content has been finalized with the thought of usability in mind. Wanting to help both audiences and the company was considered. After all, it is significant to generate awareness to both sides. Using a QR code WWF is able to track where the information has been further looked upon and how it’s being shared.

To achieve the goal: Generating more awareness to overfishing around the world; the decision was to create an infographic. Infographics remain an efficient tool to convey messages. The reason why infographics represent an excellent tool that allows people to digest information through visual data, charts and statistics. If designed by following basic design principles, it can be transformed into memorable, attention-grabbing, and even persuasive graphics.

This approach helped deepen a more thorough understanding of how to organize and feed important information quickly and efficiently. It is capable to help track sharing and conversations that went beyond any initial interactions with the original content.


The biggest challenge was finding information that would pertain to this infographic. It took me about 12 hours to gather and sift through all required information.

final thoughts:

I really like how this infographic turned out. I liked the colours I decided on and the fish illustrations. It was a blast creating such an important infographic. It was a huge learning experience. The information influenced my own personal life by being much more eco-friendly. I was influenced by Manuel Bortoletti infographics; his website is www.manuelbortoletti.com.