2021 / Branding & Ecommerce

NoMAD Jerky


NoMAD Jerky (Fictional)

Project Overview:

This project is to showcase my skills within Shopify's interface and branding/digital illustration abilities. The idea was to take a brand and provide a website where consumers can purchase goods.

Target Audience:

Anyone who seeks for a healthy snack alternative that may be adventurous/ outdoorsy.


Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop & Shopify


3D Mockups & Shopify website


December 18, 2020

Hidden animals on packages & typeface choices
Design Breakdown

When creating this brand I wanted something that would stand out on the shelves if it were to be in a store.

I wanted to bring a smile onto their face which would most likely lead to a purchase. In order to this, I added an "easter-egg" (hidden reference) to each package. There's a (not so) hidden animal that varies between species depending on the landscape.

As for the landscape, I wanted to keep each bag consistent but give it a different feeling while using different landscapes. Using colours that correlate to their environment helped differentiate the packages. Giving the same design feeling throughout helped unite the brand.

When thinking of the brand, I felt a bold/strong typeface is appropriate since it's meant to stand out from its competitors. The typeface chosen is called Prohibition. I paired this typeface with Futura because the fonts contrast and compliment each other

I used Shopify's interface to build the website because it has a minimal design and Shopify is well renowned for smaller businesses. The website's main colours are black and white, this helped the art for each bag stand out. The typeface used on the website is Futura to correlate with the packaging.

Link to website: NoMADWebsite
The Shopify website pages

The biggest challenge I faced was learning a completely new interface. It was intimidating at first but after looking through it, it was straightforward to grasp. There were issues surrounding image sizing as Shopify wants optimal sizes to run faster. There were many modifications and going back and forth to work within the specifications.

final thoughts:

Using a different interface to build a website was a great way to expand my knowledge and challenge myself. I've worked in Webflow, Wix and Wordpress interface. I am happy that I can add Shopify to that list. I'm hoping to continue my knowledge of web design and development.